When developing software, your mindset and approach can make or break your project. Minimalism is something we like to keep in mind on every project.

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When developing software, your mindset and approach can make or break your project. Sure, you can always rewrite code later, however writing it wrong the first time can cause you to spend valuable time down the line re-inventing your wheel.

There is no best way to build a project. There are methods, ideologies, and practices you can put in place, but there are ways that work for you and/or your team, ways that don't, and ways you've never tried. Every project and every team is different. Mindset and approach are often overlooked.

Something we like to keep in mind on every project is minimalism. We believe in leaving the unnecessary behind in favor of a greater focus on the necessary. Ever heard of Keep iSimple Stupid (KISS)? We enjoy this acronym and our interpretation.

Before we get into things, I hear you asking, "What minimalism mean"?

I think that's an excellent question and we should start there. To me, minimalism means living more with less. It sounds so simple, doesn't it? Yet, it's been one of the hardest adjustments to my lifestyle I've ever made.

Don't like my definition, here's what someone once told me.

What Is Minimalism? | The Minimalists

Most people assume to be a minimalist one would have to:

  • get rid of their car
  • stop using deodorant
  • pack everything they own into a backpack and get rid of the rest
  • travel the country with a backpack in their tiny home van

Just like there's no best way to build a project, there's no right way to be a minimalist. There's your way, my way, The Minimalist's way, and everyone else who begins to make more intentional choices surrounding their consumerism.

When developing, we intend to write code that's easy to read, simple to maintain and can be scaled. Our focus is always on the user and their experience with the product. We can be as clever as we want with our one-liners, as trendy as we want with our new stack, and as modern as we want in our design. This all goes out the window if the user doesn't benefit.